Custom Strategic Services

Transition Planning for Family-owned Businesses

Achieving successful leadership transitions for family-owned businesses can often be a complex and emotionally charged process.

Knowing when to hand over the reins to others can be more of an art than a science. It can occur over a planned time frame with predefined milestones, or it can happen with little forewarning. In either scenario, KA’s executives have the experience and diplomacy to plan and facilitate the critical business, finance, and communication aspects of these types of transitions, including:

  • Strategies and action plans to help maximize customer retention
  • Facilitating internal and external communication meetings
  • Planning public relations/press release to local media and to the industry press
  • Navigating through the complex financial and tax scenarios to optimize shareholder wealth
  • Structuring finance plans to optimize company cash flow
  • Working with counsel to incorporate changes in all necessary legal and filing documentation

KA Achieves Management Consensus Through Our 3-1-1 Planning Process

The 3-1-1 Planning Process guides foodservice distributor management through a comprehensive planning process that helps distributors establish a course for a three year timeframe. KA drives decisions on key issues including organizational structure, staff/succession planning, geographic and market segment selections, vendor and product strategies, and warehouse and transportation planning. The process incorporates a detailed one year sales, gross margin and operating budget, and analyzes longer range capital expenditure needs. The end result: a long range plan with measurable results that all key managers participated in developing.