Keiter Advisors’ acquisition advisory services include helping clients develop and refine their acquisition criteria, identifying potential target companies,  assessing the strategic merits of potential combinations, engaging prospective targets, and negotiating and structuring a transaction that meets the client’s value and strategic objectives.

Other services related to acquisitions have included the review of the application of the post-closing period financial statements to earn-out formulas contained in asset or stock purchase agreements and consultation with our clients concerning earn-out formula calculation issues.

Our firm specializes in guiding owners in the sale of their businesses or the acquisition of other distribution companies. We understand the challenging circumstances surrounding business valuations, negotiating strategies, strategic synergies, customer retention and pricing issues for both the “buy” and the “sell” side of a transaction. Keiter Advisors has a proven track record for maximizing value for our clients.

KA works throughout the process to:

  • Maintain confidentiality
  • Assess the customer, market segment, financial, facility and geographical issues that impact value
  • Prepare pricing strategies that accurately reflect the profile
  • Employ negotiation strategies that secure exceptional value
  • Keep all parties focused on the process and the desired outcome
  • Advise our clients and their legal advisors on the many nuances involved in each transaction agreement
  • Plan the announcement activities and post sale transition process