Custom Finance Solutions

Keiter Advisors’ tailored finance engagements include:

Finance Strategy Development

In a two-pronged approach, KA evaluates the company’s overall financial position, including current cash flow, working capital requirements, the types and terms of all debt currently in place and future requirements for steady growth or rapid expansion.

For the next stage, KA helps to develop an overall financing strategy, the forecasts and operating budgets to achieve it, and recommend a debt/financing plan. With years of experience communicating with lenders and investors, KA can also help evaluate potential borrowing arrangements.

Distribution Center Expansion Analysis

In a tight margin business like foodservice distribution, the decision to add warehouse capacity to an existing facility or to build from the ground up requires detailed operational and financial analysis. KA analyzes financial ramifications of distance and transportation costs versus build/expand costs, and develops a decision timeline and a financial model that provides real time “what if” options for key points.

Lease or Buy Decisions on Real Estate and Equipment

Deciding to lease or buy items such as tractors, trailers and warehouse equipment can have ramifications for a distributor’s cash flow or balance sheet that extend beyond the immediate transaction. KA analyzes how different lease or buy scenarios could impact overall business objectives so that distributors can make informed decisions.

Cost Segregation Studies

Whether a foodservice distributor is expanding, constructing or purchasing a facility, KA can recommend how to maximize cash flow by accelerating tax deductions. This process can also apply to property currently owned.

A cost segregation study analyzes construction and/or acquisition costs and allocates them to specific asset categories, maximizing depreciation for qualifying costs. KA allocates these costs to personal property asset classes with lives shorter than real property asset classes.